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New Sporting Products In Store

Check out the newest products from Bennett’s Intersport. We have a large variety of new sporting goods and equipment in our local Kyabram, Echuca and Deniliquin stores.

See what's new at Bennett's Intersport with equipment for over 64 sports. We are always adding more sporting products from only the best and most trusted brands. AFL, cricket, soccer, rugby, tennis, netball, hockey... If you love your sport, you'll find it at Bennett's Intersport.

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Modern fitness is changing. From innovations in fitness regimes and techniques, to sports equipment and activewear, the world of sport is continually evolving to meet new health and lifestyle needs.


Technology has revolutionised the way in which sports manufacturers are able to design clothing, shoes and equipment. From shoes to helmets, pads or gloves, sporting equipment is now much more high tech and high functioning, increasing the wellbeing and ability of players.

Sports equipment and technology have come a long way since tennis racquets were made from wood and road bikes came with steel frames. The impact of technology on sports in recent years has been vast, and the sporting world has changed enormously from even 20 years ago. As sports science and technology become more advanced and people continue to push the limits of human performance, athletes are increasingly seeking to gain a competitive advantage from their gear.

That’s where smart sporting equipment can help.


The right sports accessories go beyond just tracking the basics like steps taken or calories burnt, and give you detailed technical insights into your performance and form. They will enhance your sporting and fitness journey by allowing you to measure all aspect of your performance, and even compare it to the performance of your friends or teammates.


The right sporting apparel and shoes give you a head start, and aid your balance, coordination, biomechanics and enjoyment in whatever sport you choose. Your game starts from the ground up – from the moment you get dressed in your uniform or sports gear.


The right sporting equipment can enhance your skills and help you rise to the occasion, as well as actively decreasing the risk of injury, both in training and competition.


As our athletic pursuits grow, so does our dependence on the right sports gear. From cricket bats to golf clubs, the right sports equipment can be a game-changer. That’s where Bennett’s Intersport becomes your go-to sporting equipment supplier. Bennett’s Intersport can provide you with a huge range of high quality sporting equipment, to help motivate and support you on your sporting or fitness journey.


Offering up-to-the-minute technological advancements from industry-leading brands such as Nike, Champion, Wilson, Asics and Fitbit, to name just a few, our extensive selection offers the latest releases of new products, equipment and sportswear.


To really enjoy your favourite sports, activity or exercise you need the right equipment; and here at Bennett’s Intersport you can find everything you need to keep yourself in shape and keep at the top of your game. From strength training equipment, yoga mats, equipment bags, backpacks, exercise balls, skipping ropes, swimwear, goggles and all kinds of training accessories, to sports watches, tennis rackets, balls, activewear, running shoes, supporter gear, football boots or gym equipment, we have your needs covered.


Using the correct equipment is extremely important for the wellbeing of the athlete, and can aid your performance both physically and mentally. Function and quality are priorities for passionate sports enthusiasts, and it’s important that your sports gear and accessories perform as they should, and are long-lasting, durable and reliable. Whether you train, play a sport, exercise or support a team, Bennett’s has the best sporting equipment, accessories and apparel to help you do so.


So whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, you’ll be spoilt for choice here at Bennett’s, where you can enjoy browsing through the huge collection at one of our conveniently located stores. Our inventory is continually changing, with a constant flow of sports gear and apparel coming in, making each trip to our store an adventure. Stay fit, active and happy with the best sporting equipment available from Bennett’s Intersport – if you love your sport, you’re sure to find something to make you love it even more here at Bennett’s.